About me

Keith Cameron

Photograph by Steve Gullick

I’m an author, journalist and sub-editor. I live in the borough of Bromley, within earshot of the M25, about as far out of London as you can get and still officially be in London.

I was born in Inverness on the third-to-last day of 1965. I grew up in Fort William, the small town situated at the south-western end of the Great Glen, home to Ben Nevis, outdoor-clothing shops and rain.

The first 45 record I ever bought was Tiger Feet by Mud. The first album I ever bought was A New World Record by the Electric Light Orchestra. The first gig I ever went to was The Stranglers at Glasgow Apollo (rear stalls, £3.50) on February 25, 1981. And so it began…

In 1987 I graduated from Edinburgh University with an MA (Hons) in Politics & Modern History and moved to London to study journalism. In 1988 I became a freelance contributor to the weekly music paper Sounds. After Sounds was closed down in April 1991, I began contributing to the New Musical Express. In 2001, I dug myself in at MOJO magazine and have remained there ever since, currently as Contributing Editor.

As a writer I have contributed to many other titles, including The Guardian, The Times, The Sunday Times, Scotland On Sunday, Q and Kerrang!. From 1997-98 I hosted a show on XFM, London’s alternative radio station. In 1999, I compiled an album based on my XFM show, ‘The Carve-Up’, released by Loose Music. It features rare and exclusive tracks from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Mogwai, Arab Strap, Low, Mudhoney and many more. It’s available for offensively low prices on eBay.

In 2013, my book Mudhoney: The Sound And The Fury From Seattle was published by Omnibus Press. In 2014, the US edition was published by Voyageur Press.

I am very lucky to be married to Jenny, and we are honoured to share this life together with our son Hamish.

9 responses to “About me

  • John Parks

    Hi Keith, Would you come on BBC World News next week to review the Bruce Springsteen autobiography? We’re the BBC’s global news channel & reach 80 million people. If you can message me. Thanks, John

  • Nathan King


    Would you be interested in taking part in a radio documentary charting the past and present of specialist music-based independent local radio and the likely impact of digital and online radio platforms for the specialist music areas?

    Do let me know.


  • Miftah

    Hi Keith! Sorry if this kinda bothering, but there’s one-two questions i’d like to ask about Seattle Sound & Nirvana related. Hope you’ll replying to my email.

    Best wishes

  • Steven Kravac

    Hi Keith

    Urge asked me to reach out to you on this story.

    Urge Overkill – Nash Kato – King Roeser Available for Interview – 25th Anniversary of “Saturation” – Vinyl Re-Issue

    Wondered if there’s any interest in this as an interview or story/review?

    This was literally one of the biggest records of the 90’s and may be fun to revisit.

    Link to the press release is below.

    Thanks very much for your time!


    Porterhouse Records

    F/B: facebook.com/Porterhouse.Records
    T: @Porterhouse_Rec


  • david stevenson

    Hi Keith,

    You were a massive influence on me growing up. I think we spoke at a rocket from the crypt gig under shake some action in Croydon over 20 years ago. I to went into journalism but found that to make a living for my family I had to write about finance. Still it’s better than law which I flirted with. I did interview Jello Biafra years ago though 😉

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