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Mudhoney Book Competition

Mudhoney: The Sound And The Fury From Seattle

The UK cover, with contact sheet images from a 1991 NME photo shoot by Steve Double.

Mudhoney have just completed a very successful four-week tour of Europe (plus a dip of the toe into Asia via Istanbul). When I hooked up with them in London, Mark, Guy, Dan and Steve kindly signed three copies of my book Mudhoney: The Sound And The Fury From Seattle. In an outbreak of unseemly generosity, I’m now going to give away these prized items, fittingly enough as prizes in a competition. In order to win win win, all you need to do is correctly answer the following three questions.

1. As the title of the book suggests, Mudhoney are from Seattle. But bassist Guy Maddison originally hails from Australia. Did he grow up in:
a) Sydney? b) Warracknabeal? c) Perth?

2. Original Mudhoney bassist Matt Lukin left the band in the late ’90s. What is his current profession:
a) carpenter? b) hairdresser? c) lawyer?

3. Mudhoney singer Mark Arm has also sung for a reformed version of which legendary ’60s band:
a) The Doors? b) The Stooges? c) The MC5?

Email your answers to

Entries close at 6pm (BST) on Friday June 19.

Here’s proof that the guys really did sign the book.

Mudhoney: The Signed And The Fury

Yes, it’s the US edition. So some of the spelling is a bit wacky.