A lot of my published work dates from the pre-digital age and isn’t available online (for which relief, much thanks), but a selection of stuff can be accessed at Rock’s Backpages, a fabulous archive of music journalism that I wholeheartedly recommend. As time permits, I’ll post exclusive alternate versions of published work. Here are some links to pieces that are already out there.

I interviewed Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl for The Guardian in 2007. He’s not just a nice guy.

2010 was a good year, mostly because I got to interview Bruce Springsteen twice. This piece ran in The Guardian in September. The other piece was the August cover feature for MOJO.

I’ve written lots of pieces about Nirvana. This one’s from The Guardian in May 2011.

This piece about Bob Mould was commended in Da Capo’s 2009 Best Music Writing Guide [Edited by Greil Marcus & Daphne Carr].

This 2003 White Stripes piece was a cover story for The Guardian Weekend Magazine.

This piece is about the recording engineer Phill Brown, the unsung hero behind lots of amazing records, including Talk Talk’s Spirit Of Eden. His Bob Marley story is one of the all-time greats. If you enjoy the piece, check out Phill’s book: Are We Still Rolling?

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